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China launches new mobile telecommunication satellite

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China successfully launched a new mobile telecommunication satellite from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center on Thursday.


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  • Xinjiang stories: Specialty storeowner's innovative way of selling products

    Noticing the large quality variation of walnuts and jujube on the market, Adil Mamat acquired screening equipment in order to sort the dried fruits into different categories, ensuring the quality of the specialty products he sends from Aksu to the rest of China.

  • Abdukeram: Welcome to Ta township

    Border guard Abdukeram takes you on a tour of Ta township, 75 kilometers outside the city in Aksu. At the foot of Jengish Chokusu in the Tianshan Mountains, the scenic area is perfect for tourists wanting to enjoy nature and discover the beauty of Xinjiang.

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China's new laws simplify investment

China's new investment and securities laws, which are designed to simplify its investment system, will improve the innovation system and liberalize its capital market.

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